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Journe, Jaquet Droz, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Angelus, Audemars Piguet, De Bethune, Panerai, Gr?nefeld, IWC, Andreas Strehler, De Witt and Lange & S?hne. It is available in 3 versions: stainless steel, white gold and red gold. The back of the movement shows the wheel (red arrow) that couples horizontally the center chronograph wheel and second wheel of the timekeeping gear train (blue arrows). This condition usually occurs with older carbon steel mainsprings that have been coiled up in the mainspring barrel for too long. As a reference to the use of bronze in historic ships and other diving equipment, Tudor decided to update its best-seller with a case made in a high--performance aluminum / bronze alloy. The dial;s silver-toned opaline-finished centre shows the “Tourbillon Double Spiral” inscription that is done in a powdered silver-toned ton-sur-ton (matching tones) grey. The main plate and bridges are made in?German silver,?and all the finishing (pèrlage, c?tes de Genève, beveling and polishing) is of course done by hand. Put in simple terms, the Duometre is based on the idea of 2 movements within the Hublot replica?same watch, with 2 distinct barrels and 2 distinct gear trains: one is linked to chronometry and the display of the time, the other?Hublot replica is linked to the complications and the display of everything else?; for instance a calendar or a chronograph. Thus, the bridges have been redesigned with symmetrical and triangular design and the balance cock is now using the same kind of stepped shape as British pocket watches from the end of the 18th century. That;s why we were happy to see a used one pop up on PuristSPro. Rolex makes several watches that are great for diving. It also has a new type of shock absorber, along with an in-house, Parachrom hairspring and a new Oysterlock folding clasp. The satellites turn on a hidden carrousel, at the heart of the successive passage of the hours.